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We cut sheets and metals

Our company is specialized within the scope of cutting sheets and metals for clients from Białystok and from other regions of Poland and abroad. Within this scope, we use modern equipment, based on which orders are performed quickly. We use guillotine shears, CO2 laser and plasma for cutting metals and sheets. Both cutting and burning allows for obtaining very accurate and precise finished elements, according to client’s needs. All methods proposed by us can be used on various materials: made of carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium and its alloys, brass and copper, etc. Depending on the raw material, which is to be machined, we select one of the below mentioned methods of cutting the sheets and metals.

Quality Guarantee

We perform the works reliably

When performing any service concerning cutting metals or sheets, we provide a guarantee for each work. We work on materials of various lengths, widths and thicknesses. Modern equipment provides extensive possibilities within this scope – freedom of shapes and sizes of designed and produced elements. Moreover, it is possible to reduce work time and save materials. This, in turn, translates to reduction of production costs.

Perfect cutting of metals and sheets

CNC machines for metals machining facilitate obtaining perfect cuts, which do not require additional corrections. We provide the services for many clients in Białystok and the whole Podlaskie Province, operating in different sectors of industry. Metals and sheets cut by us are used for production of assemblies, parts, tools, panels, etc.