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Metal saw

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For cutting profiles, sections, pipes, rods or shafts, the semi-automatic Most UE-460 DSA band saw and the Most WE-275 DS band saw are best suited. We carry out this type of orders for clients operating in various industries. It is also a method that is simply irreplaceable in the case of various types of steel structures. It is distinguished by high precision, dimensional accuracy and low costs. Metal and sheet metal cutting is fast. With modern equipment at our disposal, as well as the knowledge and experience of our employees, we will be able to handle various sizes of the delivered materials and make any, even very complicated, projects.

Advantages of cutting with a band saw

  • cold cutting without thermal influences on the material – and thus it does not undergo any additional modifications, minimization of allowances for machining,
  • the possibility of carrying out individual orders and serial production,
  • attractive price – we are very competitive in Bialystok and rest of Poland.

Therefore, we offer you cutting materials such as pipes, bars, profiles, construction elements using a band saw.

Maximum dimensions of the material:

Cutting range [mm]
45° (L)460460

If you have any questions, we are here to help!

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