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Gięcie blach
Gięcie blach
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Considering that today, many industrial sectors use sheet metal for various purposes, its modification is a very popular service. Sheet metal bending in Bialystok is one of the proposals of our company. We can offer even the most complex and unusual shapes that are used in various sectors. All you need to do is hand over the project or commission it, and on its basis we will complete any order – regardless of the size.

Press brakes – sheet metal bending in CNC technology

We offer bending on a modern press brake with a maximum pressure of 80 tons. The press has numerical control. The application guarantees high bending quality and repeatability of production at low production costs. Therefore, each project made using this machine will meet your expectations. We employ a team of specialized press brake operators who will perfectly prepare the material for further processing.

Technological possibilities of the machine:

  • Maximum bending pressure of 80 tons,
  • Maximum bending length 3 m,
  • 100% repeatability of shapes and dimensions